Three More Names Confirmed For WWE Royal Rumble 2019

WWE's live shows are proving fertile ground for this.

Bobby Lashley Royal Rumble

A trio of hopefuls put their hat into the literal Royal Rumble ring over the weekend, with two Raw superstars and a SmackDown favourite declaring themselves contenders during WWE live shows.

Bobby Lashley battered a helpless Apollo Crews in Fort Myers, FL, which apparently qualifies you for the 30-man melee. Also at the show, a rambling Dean Ambrose leaned on a door backstage, vowing to be "one of one" in Phoenix at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, in Fayetteville, NC, SmackDown bruiser Samoa Joe accurately foretold that dumping 29 other men over the top rope at Chase Field would be his only way of heading to the top spot at WrestleMania. He's not wrong, and we wish him the best of luck.

The recent announcements now make it 11 men who've been entered into their Rumble, with 10 already announced on the women's side. Expect this coming weeks' episodes of Raw and SmackDown to fill out the empty spaces some more. There'll probably be some room left at the end for potential surprises in the form of legend cameos and comebacks, of course.

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Editorial Team

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