Bully Ray

Mark LoMonaco is as familiar a face in the sport of Wrestling as you’re likely to see. He’s a well travelled veteran of several wrestling companies and is currently occupying a top spot on the TNA Impact Wrestling roster. You’ll know him more as Bully Ray, formerly one half of Team 3D and The Dudley Boyz – perhaps the most successful tag team in the history of professional wrestling.

But just who is he and what’s his story? What’s it taken to get where he is today? What Culture takes a look back at his career and traces the Bully’s path to last night’s PPV main event – perhaps the biggest night of his long career.


MONGO VYLE – Independent Circuit, 1991-1995

LaMonaco made his in ring debut back in 1991 under the somewhat amusing moniker of Mongo Vyle. Although no footage exists of his time using this name he would make an immediate impact wrestling a hardcore style against with his Nasty Boys/Road Warriors inspired gimmick. After four years as an indie heel Mongo was hired by the company that made him a star.

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This article was first posted on March 11, 2013