WCW: 10 Best Starrcade Matches

7. Doom vs. Arn Anderson & Barry Windham €“ Starrcade: Collision Course

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWbyEmO4yw4 Doom had become successful since losing their masks, dominating some of the best teams WCW had to offer. The Four Horsemen, annoyed with Simmons€™ and Reed€™s progression, chose to battle Doom at Starrcade for the World Tag Team Championship. The street fight spills straight to the ramp, with Simmons lashing Anderson with a belt. Windham is the first to be cut open, before Anderson smacks Reed with a chair. A spinebuster gets a two count. Windham lands the superplex, but Simmons kicks out at two. Anderson kicks out of a chair shot, while Reed kicks out of the piledriver. Windham gets caught with a clothesline and Reed goes for the pin, but, at the same time, Anderson locks in a small package, with both pins getting a three count, meaning the match ends in a draw.

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