Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow is to be held in ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista’s hometown of Washington DC. The 46 year old has been linked with a move back to the WWE for months even though he has publicly slated the company’s PG direction.

Speculation previously suggested that former World Heavyweight Champion was to return either at Miami’s WrestleMania 28 or last weeks Raw after being spotted in the area along with the latest big name return Brock Lesnar. But there have been several strong rumours indicating that Batista’s time to return could be tonight.

If the WWE are intending on bringing Batista back it makes perfect sense to do so at his hometown. So for all of the fans who think the WWE can’t keep the strong momentum rolling you may be proven wrong on tonight’s show.

Even though this is not confirmed that he will return tonight, there is a growing sense that there is a strong possibility tonight.

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This article was first posted on April 9, 2012