WWE: 10 Shockingly Racist Gimmicks That Made Fans' Jaws Drop

5. Kerwin White

Why Chavo Guerrero Jnr of the exalted Guerrero family went along with this gimmick is beyond me. He was wrestling with his uncle - the doomed Eddie Guerrero (who himself was a pretty racist stereotype of 'Latin Heat' and Mexican people €“ again, "I lie! I cheat! I steal!") and they became very popular with the fans. But Eddie wanted a shot at the WWE championship and the pair broke up. Chavo was jealous and ran to his daddy Chavo Snr, who sided with him over his brother. However, Eddie defeated Chavo Jnr in the 2004 Royal Rumble. Chavo Jnr moved into the Cruiserweight division and had success there. Not content with him hailing from Mexico's foremost wrestling family, the WWE had to force a silly racist gimmick upon poor Chavo. Chavo turned into Kerwin White €“ a stereotypical, middle aged conservative white man. Chavo dyed his hair blond, took to wearing sweaters draped over his shoulders and driving a golf cart to the ring. Initially he had the tagline "if it's not white, it's not right" which mercifully got dropped fairly quickly. Kerwin started slating ethnic minorities of all varieties €“ Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans, these ethnicities were all fair game to Kerwin. He had a feud going on with then-babyface Shelton Benjamin and directed a lot of racist vitriol his way. He even hired Nick Nemeth to be his caddy. In November 2005, Eddie Guerrero was found dead and Chavo dropped the Kerwin White angle immediately and wrestled again under his own name as a fan favourite. But the Kerwin White angle was not only racist, it was supremely stupid and will go down in infamy as one of the most un-PC and offensive gimmicks of all time.

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