WWE "Suspends" Roman Reigns On Raw

They're super-into this shoot thing...

Roman Reigns Kurt Angle

WWE.com are reporting that Roman Reigns has been "temporarily suspended" by Vince McMahon following his conduct on Monday's episode of Raw.

After Reigns had verbally cut through a baffled Kurt Angle mid-ring, he stormed off to confront McMahon at the Gorilla position and questioned the boss on why Brock Lesnar had failed to show up as advertised. This led to Vince storyline suspending Roman during an interview with Renee Young.

WWE pulling Brock Lesnar from the show and writing Reigns to claim the Universal Champ is Vince McMahon's golden boy was some supreme trolling. At least in the eyes of fans, it's Roman who is McMahon's pet project, not Lesnar.

This is all part of the promotion's attempt to convince fans that Reigns is worth rooting for come WrestleMania 34 and that his issues with Brock are real. They're not, obviously, but it's nice to see something a little different on Raw from time-to-time, and the confrontation at Gorilla came off well.

According to McMahon, Lesnar is scheduled to appear on Raw next week. Due to the kayfabe suspension, it appears Reigns won't be joining him.

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