WWE's Ruthless Aggression Originals - Where Are They Now?

Wherefore art thou, Linda Miles?


Ruthless Aggression is rightly held up as one of the most exciting eras in WWE history. Though rarely as romanticised as Attitude, it pushed WWE forward from the previous era's excesses, played host to the original brand extension, and birthed countless incredible moments, from Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero's emotional title wins to the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-views.

It all kicked off on June 24th, 2002.

Acquiring WCW and ECW the previous year left WWE bloated, and necessitated the roster's division into two separate brands. Raw and SmackDown made their picks in March, and three months later, in the aftermath of King Of The Ring, Vince McMahon delivered a spirited address to the red brand's stars.

20 men and women stood on the apron as McMahon demanded they mirror the 'ruthless aggression' that had driven his success in the Monday Night Wars. That was over 15 years ago, and while many were able to stand up and demonstrate Vince's favourite personality trait, others weren't so successful.

Some of these performers are still with the company today, while others were gone within a year.

What became of the Ruthless Aggression originals? Let's take a look...


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