WWE: 4 Ways To Bring The McMahon Family Back To TV

WWE are in the middle of a ratings crisis if you would believe some commentators as well as ‘inside sources’…



vince mcmahon

WWE are in the middle of a ratings crisis if you would believe some commentators as well as ‘inside sources’ due to the clashes that programs such as Monday Night Raw has with NBA playoff matches at the pointy end of the 2012/2013 NBA season. As such, many in the company-particularly in the creative department have been racking their brains for a way to bring more TVs tuned in on their channel as opposed to the opposition.

As we are not in the build up yet to one of the big four PPVs (Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and of course Wrestlemania) the company cannot simply rely on its part time marquee talent such as the Rock or the Undertaker to bump up ratings. Instead, they have decided to bring Vince and Stephanie McMahon back on TV in a angle that involves Triple H and whether he is truly fit to wrestle against Paul Heyman’s new client Curtis Axel.

While this angle has had some interest- particularly on the face of seeing the McMahons back in a prominent role, it has come under fire from some in the IWC. For a start, it does seem like much of the attention for the feud is focusing on Triple H rather than Curtis Axel and whatever attention is on the new superstar seems to be more of the burying kind (Stephanie, for example claimed that Axel was ‘beneath’ Triple H ). Secondly, the idea of positioning Stephanie and Vince as heels doesn’t quite work if they are simply concerned for the Game’s welfare- it may have worked if Triple H was literally ‘robbed’ from their screens the way that Steve Austin was after his broken neck, but Triple H is not as over as Stone Cold was, nor has he got the momentum. It is further hindered by the fact that they are Triple H’s family and so the idea of them being concerned for the guy is more legit. Finally, the appearance had no real build and seemed to really be rushed instead of thought out cleverly.

So are there angles that can utilise the McMahons properly? I think so, and here I’ve come up with 4.

P.S. I apologise in advance for the appalling titles I have given these angles…