So yet another Summerslam has passed us by and I think it is safe to say that this one has been possibly the best in recent memory. With a card that wasn’t overfilled, the two main events had plenty of time to let their matches be captivating to the crowd at the Staples Centre and there is no doubt that the undercard had some hidden gems as well.

However, as we now gather our collective breath, there is no doubt that the WWE universe will turn its gaze to its next big PPV- the Night of Champions. So with that in mind, what needs to be addressed between now and then?

6. What’s Next For The Wyatt Family?


It would be wrong to call the Ring of Fire match between Kane and Bray Wyatt a work of wrestling art, but I think the IWC has to remember that the match achieved its purpose- it got Kane off TV and it put the family over by allowing them to ‘Kane-nap’ the Devil’s Favourite Demon.

One can assume that Kane won’t be on TV for a little while and when he comes back he may be drastically changed. This leaves the Wyatt Family without a feud or definitive angle coming out of Summerslam which is something that needs to be rectified. While there are numerous wrestlers around for the Wyatt’s to face off against, with Kane out of the way, it will be interesting how a more…conventional babyface reacts to the antics of the Wyatt family.

The first part of the Wyatt Family push has been a success. The hard part begins now.

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This article was first posted on August 20, 2013