WWE: 8 Embarrassing Early Gimmicks Future World Champions Want You To Forget

Because Kane was once a dentist, and Kevin Nash was the Wizard Of Oz. Seriously.

Johnathan McDonald


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The gimmick – the character a wrestler portrays each and every night they step inside the squared circle. Sometimes the character is just an extension of who the person actually is. Other times, WWE creative can come up with a very elaborate persona for the wrestler to take on. Each person on this list went on to bigger and better things, and thankfully found a successful gimmick, because before then, they were given some difficult identities to take on. Every single superstar on this list went on to capture a world championship, but it is highly doubtful that they would have done so if they kept their former gimmicks.

Here are eight embarrassing early gimmicks WWE World Champions would like to forget. Feel free to join in the conversation with your own terrible gimmicks by commenting below, or by connecting with me on twitter, @HeisenGoldberg.


8. Triple H – ‘Hunter Hearst Helmsley’, 1995 – 1997


Before he was the COO, before he was the “Cerebral Assassin” and the “Game”, before he led Evolution, and even before his juvenile antics in D-Generation X, Triple H had himself a silly blueblood gimmick. He was an extremely rich member of high society, but his fake English accent was far more painful than any Pedigree he ever delivered.

Though saddled with a terrible gimmick, Triple H proved that in addition to being the “King of Kings”, he was also the king of persevering. His silly character didn’t stop him from doing anything and everything to show management that he had the goods in the ring. He bumped around for the Undertaker like a pinball in a Survivor Series ’95 tag match, had an underrated Raw match with Shawn Michaels in the spring of ’96, and at In Your House: Buried Alive, he put on a wrestling clinic with another up and coming superstar (who we will see later on this list) in ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Showing early signs of being the smartest man in wrestling, Triple H did everything he could to slither out of his blueblood gimmick. The Greenwich, Conneticut native aligned himself with muscular female bodybuilder Chyna, and began to team up with WWE legend Shawn Michaels. The threesome formed D-Generation X, and soon the gentlemanly bows evolved into crotch chops.