WWE Crown Jewel: 8 Things WWE Got Right

Yes, they got SOME things right.

Shawn Michaels Triple H Kane The Undertaker

You'd be forgiven for clicking this article and thinking, 'Go on then, Mr. Writer, try and convince me that Crown Jewel was anything but a glorified house show nostalgia trip that mixed ego with age'.

Only a fool would try and blissfully ignore the negatives on Friday. They were obvious enough to anyone watching, and a scant handful (at best) of match results will have any impact on WWE's product going forwards beyond the usual Raw vs. SmackDown monotony of Survivor Series.

The truth is though that there was enjoyment to be gleaned after leaving one's preconceptions at the door and realising positives don't always have to be because of long-term excellence. Sometimes, the words 'solid' and 'decent' are enough to get by.

Besides, Shawn Michaels absolutely killed it on his return to the ring. For a 53-year old who hasn't wrestled a lick since 2010, Crown Jewel was a minor miracle. Also, just picture those happy lifelong fans who finally got to see their icons up close...

That has to be worth something, right? Those folks were innocent bystanders to the political minefield happening with critics Stateside...


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