WWE Gallery: How Every RAW Superstar Is Perceived By Vince McMahon

Where's the beef?


It's fascinating to ponder Vince McMahon's reaction to the sea change waving through the wrestling industry.

The days of the hoss are over, with Braun Strowman's 'Monster Among Men' moniker working as a truism because he is the last of his kind. Even Baron Corbin, rumoured McMahon pet project, is only tall. Internet memes poke fun at his otherwise doughy and undefined physique. The new stars are antithetical to his favoured norm, and you could argue that this, in a way, is McMahon's fault. So intent was the man on pushing those with massive musculature for years that he alienated many of the hardcore fans who were and are never going anywhere - and who now exist as the principal demographic. Those fans, conditioned through their very love of wrestling, subsequently rooted for the underdog. The Chris Benoits. The Eddie Guerreros. The CM Punks. The Daniel Bryans.

Support for Bryan grew so fervent between 2013 and 2014 that he came to both symbolise and usher in the next generation of wrestling talent. You can't imagine McMahon appreciating the irony. You also can't imagine McMahon being in any way enthralled at begrudgingly accepting that these slender shin pad-clad warriors are the new breed.

What follows is an attempt to read McMahon's mind and funnel his thoughts. Sadly, it may not quite be the satirical piece it was intended as.


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