Sting has been written out of TNA storylines. Recordings took place last night for content that will air next week, the big story coming out of the evening was what looks like a complete removal of Sting from the TNA brand. The natural assumption now is that Steve ‘Sting’ Borden is finally on his way to work with Vince McMahon in the WWE.

Sting really is out of contract at TNA and WWE really are interested.

Sting left TNA by losing an important Title vs Job match against Magnus. Sting had put his TNA career on the line for the one last title shot, and following considerable interference, Magnus was able to win. In his moment of gloating glory, Magnus then proceeded to tear up Sting’s TNA contract right in front of the icon’s face. This appears to be Sting written out of the show.

However, I would also suggest that it could be a swerve. Why would TNA want to indicate that Sting is through with the company? The angle seemed to be saying “Yes, Sting is going to WWE” something that doesn’t make sense for TNA to do. Rather they could have done this angle as a way of creating surprise for when Sting turns up again in a few weeks. Then again, it’s probably best to take this one at face value given the mess that TNA is in financially and creatively.

Following yesterdays confirmation that Sting is talking to WWE, this latest development will only add fuel to the fire that Sting will be in for Wrestlemania 30. Apparently gone from TNA, surely The Icon will now not be able to resist one last massive piece of limelight in the grandeur of the WWE.

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This article was first posted on January 17, 2014