WWE RAW Review: Real Life Tragedy Fuels Wrestlemania Feud

First off, let me apologize for my review being a day or two later than it normally is. It appears…

Gavin Eddings



First off, let me apologize for my review being a day or two later than it normally is. It appears that I have somewhat of a small following starting since I started writing this column (my page views have increased significantly) and I apologize to anyone who was wondering what I thought about Monday’s episode. I enjoyed last night’s episode for the most part but there were a few clunkers segments and one REALLY, REALLY bad segment (a segment so bad even Cole and Lawler buried it).

The one theme that was constant last night was honoring the memory of William “Paul Bearer” Moody. Moody passed away last week and he will be missed by everyone who has ever watched professional wrestling. No matter what Era you started watching during, chances are, you saw Paul Bearer. I started watching wrestling during May ’97 and remember a blonde-haired Paul Bearer shouting “KANE IS ALIVE, UNDERTAKER!” He was so creepy and ominous that I had nightmares leading up to Kane’s debut. Paul Bearer is a legend and I am happy that I got to enjoy his work over the years.


The show opened with a video-package honoring Moody. The Undertaker walks down to the ring and does his signature bow to Moody’s picture on the Titantron. CM Punk’s music hits, and he interrupts the segment. Punk tells The Undertaker that he is sorry for his loss. And by that he means he is sorry for his loss at Wrestlemania. Some may consider this disrespectful, but Moody would have wanted to be used for storyline purposes. As tragic as the circumstances are, Moody dying actually helps enhance this feud. Last week, Punk ran his mouth about being the one to break The Streak and won the Fatal Four Way. Like I said in last week’s column, The Undertaker and Punk was missing something personal that Undertaker’s past Mania matches had. He now has that. What better way to put fire into this feud than by having CM Punk insult the recently deceased close friend of The Undertaker?

I have no qualms with this. As long as the WWE stays tasteful with it, and doesn’t go the “Eddie Guerrero is in Hell” route, this real life tragedy can be turned into a positive. And what better way to honor Paul Bearers memory than by adding him into one of the hottest feuds going into Wrestlemania.

This segment also lead to Kane wrecking the backstage area while looking for CM Punk. It also lead to the monthly “Oh wow, Alex Riley still has a job” sighting that we all look forward to. It’s my favorite backstage segment besides seeing what janitor’s closet they stuck the “GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW” sign on.