WWE Replace Rusev With Chis Jericho For Greatest Royal Rumble Match Against Undertaker

Does switch relate to earlier Rusev interview?

Undertaker Chris Jericho Greatest Royal Rumble

Looks like Rusev won't be buried in Saudi Arabia after all, after WWE dramatically announced that he has been replaced by Chris Jericho for his casket match opposite The Undertaker on 27 April's Greatest Royal Rumble.

It was only yesterday that the Bulgarian was named as The Deadman's opponent for the spectacular show, set to emanate from Jeddah.

The stunning switch has sparked much speculation, with a Rusev interview with TMZ being highlighted as a possible source of backstage grumbling amidst Undertaker's familiars - or more specifically, his wife.

In an impromptu chat with the gossip outlet, Rusev spoke confidently about his chances of besting the Phenom in the Middle East, ribbing that 'Taker was "just a little bit in the past." The comments drew the ire of Mrs. Undertaker, Michelle McCool, who took to Twitter to complain:

Perhaps it's reading too much into it, but given the way events have unfolded, there appears to be some clear implications to McCool's closing words. It should also be noted that Rusev never actually vowed to "crush [Undertaker's] old ass."

The (burial) plot thickens.

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