WWE Royal Rumble 2018: 7 Reasons To Be Fearful

6. Jinder Mahal Might Become US Champ

Jinder Mahal The Singh Brothers

Those who worried about the xenophobic elements to Jinder Mahal's persona when he was WWE Champion won't be pleased to see him in the running for the United States Title. WWE's writers wouldn't be able to resist throwing in some 'Us vs. Them' story padding should Jinder win the US Title tournament and bag the belt at Royal Rumble.

Mahal has improved both a character and in-ring worker since his confidence boosting promotion last year, but a break from seeing him wear gold would be best. Though he deserves plaudits for improving as a heel, he's a bit played out after a spell dominating SmackDown and we could all do with a breather. It doesn't look like we'll get it.

All signs are pointing to a final showdown pitting Bobby Roode vs. Jinder at the Rumble. It's nice to think WWE might give Roode the title win his 'Glorious' (sorry) ascent to the main roster merits, and yet there's that niggling doubt they'll plod on with the redundant 'I Hate America' gimmick Mahal has been playing on and off instead.


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