The Undertaker

Deadman walking. It’s usually this time of year in the WWE calendar when whispers of The Undertaker’s return start to circulate. With Survivor Series 2013 taking place this weekend, there are various reasons that WWE may choose to reintroduce their resident Phenom. An argument can be made that Taker should and very well could be back in his ‘yard’ this weekend.

There are some pointers that this may be the case, and there are also logical reasons that his story should start again at this point in time. Also, there is of course a more probable chance that Undertaker will not return until 2014, but that just plays into why it would be so great for WWE to bring back the legend this weekend — as a huge element of surprise and buzz would be generated. There has been some speculation from insiders that Taker would be back at Survivor Series, and the points covered here will analyse the main talking points.

The ground work for Wrestlemania 30 starts getting laid at Survivor Series. Undertaker as always will be one of the biggest attractions of the Mania season. Here we look at 10 talking points about The Undertaker returning at Survivor Series 2013…

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This article was first posted on November 22, 2013