WWE Thinking Of Changing Slammy Awards Format

Could WWE move the Slammys away from Raw?

The Slammy Awards may be undergoing a change this December according to the Wrestling Observer. Instead of holding the Slammy Awards during an episode of Raw, WWE might make the Slammys a standalone event that would take place in a small theater type of setting. While there's still plenty of time for WWE to decide on this, it's a good thing that they are thinking about it six months in advance. Most likely they would make it a one or two hour ceremony in some smaller arena on a Saturday or Sunday night that they could air on WWE Network. If USA Network had an interest in showing it then perhaps it would be shown on television instead. There are some things about the Slammy Awards that are cool because it allows the fans to vote on awards, but some of it is pretty silly. They often have joke categories that are done to provide laughs, so even when they do serious awards they really have a hard time of standing out as important. The Slammy Awards used to be its own ceremony that took place on WrestleMania weekend in the mid-1990s and then they brought them back in 2008 as a December special on Raw. Apparently that's going to change this year when the Slammys are going to be on their own once again.
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