WWE TLC 2018: Star Ratings For All 12 Matches

Featuring two cast-iron classics - from SmackDown, crazy as that may read.


Most looked forward to TLC in spite of RAW's dismal, dismal brand of storytelling.

Those are the words of your writer. Vince McMahon himself used a harsher descriptor, referring to the flagship as an "abject failure". Is the TV build completely incidental to the quality of any given pay-per-view attraction? Is this a new form of bargaining we can cling onto to wrest some form of enjoyment from Sunday nights? How much would we miss, truly, if we followed the various story beats on social media, or paid attention only to the oft clandestine brilliance of WWE's still unparalleled video production department?

Gauging by one match in particular, the usual rules still apply. If the audience is presented with a fake and uninteresting narrative, that audience will reject the set piece - especially if the set piece is remarkably boring. Storylines enrich pro wrestling matches, and so, any attempt to refuse a programme with anticipation to avoid doing a job to disappointment didn't work. There are still fans in the arena who do watch, and these rotten storylines shape the heat - or lack thereof.

WWE allegedly presses the reset button tonight.

Is there a 'Full Creative Philosophical Overhaul' button?


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