WWE: Triple H’s 5 Best Summerslam Matches

Chronicling some of The Game’s historical match-ups and what made them be seen as such classics.

Lee Heir


With his upcoming showdown with Brock Lesnar looming this Sunday, Triple H will be stepping into the ring for the second time this year in what is being billed as the co-main event of the show. HHH certainly isn’t a stranger to the Summer PPV, and he has certainly had some memorable, high profile encounters at the annual August event.

This article will chronicle some of The Game’s historical match-ups and what made them be seen such classics, as well as making HHH always come up in conversation when discussing the greatest Summerslam moments throughout the years.


5. HHH vs Kurt Angle vs The Rock – Summerslam 2000


In an often forgotten Summerslam main event, the final match of the card on the thirteenth annual event pitted HHH in a Triple Threat match against Kurt Angle and The Rock for the then WWF Championship. Though The Rock went into this event as Champion, a lot of the build up to this encounter centred around the HHH and Kurt Angle Love Triangle storyline involving The Cerebral Assassin’s On-Air and real life Wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Leading up to the event, McMahon had begun to form a close friendship with Angle, often getting close to him in celebrating Angle’s wins. This led to HHH becoming annoyed at the relationship between his Wife and Angle, and created tension between all parties. This storyline continued to play out during the match, with McMahon being out in harms way and also trying to assist both Angle and HHH. This distraction led to The Rock being able to retain the Championship, whilst HHH and Angle continued their programme after the event.

Whilst it is not often referred to as a classic Triple Threat bout, the match certainly told the story well and managed to continue playing it out through a physical encounter. Many see this as one of HHH’s best attributes in the ring, and he has often displayed his ability as one of the best ever when it comes to telling a story through the medium of a Professional Wrestling match-up.