WWE WrestleMania 29 Venue Expected To Be Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas?

Ideas for the show currently revolve around Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

Matt Holmes


The Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas is the new favourite venue to host next year’s WrestleMania 29. It is well known that the WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin have been in discussions about ‘The Rattlesnake’ wrestling one more match at next year’s show and hosting WrestleMania in Austin’s home state similarly mirrors this year’s event taking place in Miami for The Rock vs. John Cena.

WWE also has tentative plans for The Undertaker’s big retirement match next year, which would also take place in his home state, and are looking to do a deal with the recently retired UFC star Brock Lesnar for a one-off main event. Lesnar would most likely wrestle either Steve Austin or The Undertaker.

With the WWE recently announcing Edge as their big marquee name for this year’s Hall of Fame class in Miami, it is expected that the decision has firmly been made not to have next year’s WrestleMania 29 in Toronto which was previously seen as a favourite. Last year the idea was to induct Edge and Trish Stratus into the Hall of Fame in 2013 from Toronto but those plans have obviously changed.

This doesn’t of course mean that Trish Stratus would lose out on Hall of Fame induction. She could easily be going in this year instead or still inducted next year from whatever venue they go to. WrestleMania 30 has long been set for returning to Madison Square Garden in New York so the next WM that could take place in Canada would be WrestleMania 31 in 2015.