WWE's Alesiter Black And Zelina Vega Get Married

A Vega wedding? No? Anyone?

Zelina Vega Aleister Black

Well this is a bit of surprise. Over the weekend, former NXT champion Tom 'Aleister Black' Budgen and Andrade Almas' nefarious second Thea 'Zelina Vega' Trinidad tied the knot in a private ceremony. Who knew they were even an item?

Though details about the nuptials are scarce (read: practically non-existent), various sources have confirmed that the two really have been hitched. Until a picture of the pair was recently posted to Vega's Instagram account, their relationship had been a complete industry secret. They hid that well.

The, er, Blacks become yet another married couple currently on WWE's books, doing their best to prove the old adage that wrestling and love simply do not mix (though John Cena's tilt at Nikki Bella never did come off as predicted. Oops! There's still time).

There was speculation this past week that the former Tommy End was due a main roster call-up in the very near future. Now he's married to the blue brand's Vega, that all but rules out a SmackDown bow because of the company's enduring policy of spite.

We wish many congratulations to the newlyweds!

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