WWE's Big Plans For Babyface Bray Wyatt Revealed

Eater Of Worlds set for major character refresh.

Bray Wyatt

Though Bray Wyatt's Deleters Of Worlds tag partner Matt Hardy will be out of action for the foreseeable future, 'The New Face Of Fear' won't be stuck in untelevised limbo for long.

According to WrestleVotes and Wrestling Inc., Wyatt is set for a renewed singles push with a "refreshed" babyface character, and is expected to make a full return to Raw within the next few weeks.

Though traditionally a heel, Wyatt played face throughout his Deleters run. He was in the role on WWE's recent UK tour, where he competed against Jinder Mahal, which likely served as a trial run before bringing a new act to television.

WWE have teased a babyface singles run for Bray in the past. 'The Eater Of Worlds' appeared to be heading that way after WrestleMania 32, when he teamed with Roman Reigns against the League of Nations in a crowd-popping moment, but he was injured soon after, and brought back as a heel months later.

There's currently no word on what Bray's "refreshed" gimmick will entail, but tagging with Hardy helped revive his character after years as a hokey villain. Let's hope that trend continues when he comes back.

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