WWF vs WCW: 10 Fantasy Matches We Demand To See

Ever since two top companies emerged from the previous foundation of “territorial wrestling,” fans have been spent countless hours coming…

Nick Perkins



Ever since two top companies emerged from the previous foundation of “territorial wrestling,” fans have been spent countless hours coming up with different “fantasy” matches they want to see. Whether it was Flair VS Hogan from the 80’s or Sting VS Randy Savage from the 90’s, fantasy matches have existed for 20 years, at the very least. Now, with the recent resurgence of popularity in wrestling, thanks in large part to both the nWo and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the time has never been better for the two companies to come together and put on a PPV that would blow the collective mind of the wrestling world.

Unfortunately, egos are sometimes more important than dollar signs, so that is likely to never happen. Unless, of course, Ted Turner ever bought the WWF (like that would happen). So instead, we are all forced to just day dream about what matches should take place, why, and who would win. That’s exactly what we did here. We compiled a list of 10 Fantasy Matches That We Want To See, in no particular order.

10. Diamond Dallas Page vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Now, the obvious choice for a dream match with Stone Cold Steve Austin is to have him face his muscle-bound doppelganger, Goldberg. But just because two wrestlers look alike, that doesn’t mean it would be a good match. Goldberg hasn’t show much more than two moves(and believe me- the day that a wrestler becomes the face of a company with only knowing a handful a moves, that will be the day that wrestling dies), and Stone Cold has never been known for his technical proficiency either. So there is a very good chance that while Austin VS Goldberg would be a spectacle, it wouldn’t be a good match.

Who we would like Stone Cold to face off against is The Master of the Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page. First of all, the two men have very similar styles. They’re not great wrestlers, per say, but they know how to tell a story in the ring and that’s the most important part. So while not being the most athletic contest, it would still tell a good story. Secondly, and most importantly, who wouldn’t pay to see who would hit their finishing move first? The Diamond Cutter and the Stone Cold Stunner are very similar moves. They’re both variations of the ace crusher, but both Austin and DDP have turned the move into the most popular finishing move in wrestling. Both can hit their finisher out of nowhere, and both are guaranteed to finish the match.

It would be worth the price of admission alone to see whether it’s the Diamond Cutter or the Stunner that ends the match. And could you imagine the reaction that would happen if one guy kicked out of the other guy’s move? OMG (That means Oh my God).

Who Should Win: Stone Cold

DDP is one of our favorite wrestlers. He seems to invent new ways to hit the diamond cutter every week. That said, DDP is pretty old. He’s already in his 40’s. There’s a good chance DDP will never become the WCW Champion. Stone Cold, on the other hand, is on his way up, with a rocket strapped to his back. He has the more upside. Stone Cold should win.