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12 WWE Monsters That Failed

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. 
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Sign Canadian Weightlifter Isabel Lahela

Another new face joins the Performance Center.
By Andrew Murray

10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 2000 Facts

A shockingly bland show from WWE's most exciting year.
By Justin Henry

Brock Lesnar Appears On WWE Raw After It Airs

Eat. Sleep. Waste Appearances. Repeat.
By Brad Hamilton

Matt Hardy Confirms TNA Departure On Twitter

The Broken One releases an official statement.
By Brad Hamilton

Sasha Banks Vs. Nia Jax Added To WWE Fastlane 2017

Royal Rumble Rematch!
By Scott Fried

Sami Zayn Vs. Samoa Joe Official - WWE Fastlane 2017

Samoa Joe makes his WWE PPV debut!
By Scott Fried

3 Matches Announced For WWE Smackdown Live Tonight

AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper.
By Scott Fried

Cruiserweight Tag Match Added To WWE Fastlane 2017 Kickoff Show

A high-energy opener to start the show.
By Scott Fried

10 Longest Reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champions Ever

Only 27 men have held the prestigious title, but who held it for the longest time?
By John Bills

10 Vince McMahon Matches You Completely Forgot About

Buried battles with the boss. 
By Michael Hamflett

8 Ways WWE Fastlane Could Change WrestleMania 33

This Sunday is a key fork in the road to WrestleMania - but what on earth is going to happen!?
By Jack G King

10 Wrestlers WWE Must Sign After WrestleMania 33

From former stars to indie darlings, WWE would look a whole lot better with this lot.
By Andrew Murray

Matt And Jeff Hardy Leaving TNA

Will they head to a new Universe?
By Andrew Soucek

Hardy Boyz Likely Headed To WWE After WrestleMania 33?

Their TNA run may soon be DELETED!
By Andrew Soucek

Ric Flair Set For WWE Raw Tonight?

Hall of Famer to influence upcoming Charlotte-Bayley match?
By Scott Fried

Triple H Added To Upcoming WWE Live Events Before WrestleMania 33.

HHH will be warming up for Orlando.
By Scott Fried

Beth Phoenix To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame 2017

The Glamazon will soon be enshrined.
By Andrew Soucek

AJ Lee Told She Wasn't Attractive Enough By WWE

A disheartening new snippet from AJ's book, released April 4th.
By Andrew Murray

6 Ways WWE Can Salvage Apollo Crews

2017 needs to be a huge year for the One Man Nation.
By John Bills

10 Things UFC Can Learn From Pro Wrestling

Should the UFC look to WWE for the recipe to success?
By Jay Anderson

10 Most Hated People Behind The Scenes In Wrestling

Backstage heat so hot Pitbull has almost certainly written a song about it.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Fascinating WWE WrestleMania 15 Facts

The Attitude Era at its most excessively unbridled.
By Justin Henry

WWE Announcer Tom Phillips Caught Having Alleged Online Affair?

An embarrassing weekend for the SmackDown Live commentator.
By Andrew Murray

Drew Galloway Announces TNA Depature

The current TNA Grand Champion is on his way out.
By Andrew Murray

Ranking Every Wrestling Wedding EVER!

For better or for worse...mostly worse.
By Andrew Soucek

20 Things You Learn Watching WWE Since 1997

How has the WWE product evolved since the 90s boom period?
By Scott Fried

10 Wrestlers Who Changed WWE’s In-Ring Style

From hulk-ups to hard knees.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (Feb 27)

A vindictive Stephanie McMahon shouldn't even let Seth Rollins address his injuries...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Most Insane Wrestling Spots Of The Week (Feb 26)

Natalya earned 7 years bad luck after smashing a mirror with her face!
By Mitch Nickelson