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16 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (13 Nov)

You're from Winnipeg, you idiot!
By Jamie Kennedy

7 Ups & 4 Downs From Impact Wrestling (Nov 12)

Impact's tag team division once again becomes the focal point.
By Adam Morrison

10 UFC Stars Who Couldn't Back Up Their Words

Those fighters sure do love making rods for their own backs.
By Gareth Morgan

Shinsuke Nakamura Re-Signed With WWE 'Months Ago'

There is no news on whether Finn Bálor has penned a new deal.
By Benjamin Richardson

5 Most Bizarre Love Triangles In WWE History

The most unusual tales are the ones we never forget.
By Jacques Martin

10 Most Anticipated CM Punk Matches We Want To See

The cult of personnel-ity.
By Jamie Kennedy

Bayley Invades Last Night's NXT

Hugger mugs off the NXT Women's Champion.
By Michael Sidgwick

CM Punk Reportedly Turned Down 'A Lot Of Money' To Join AEW

No text message offer this time...
By Michael Sidgwick

Card For Next Week's AEW Dynamite Announced

AEW opts to light fuse ahead of next week's boom on Dynamite.
By Michael Sidgwick

WWE TLC 2019 Matches Revealed?

There could be a big 'first-ever' contest this December.
By Benjamin Richardson

Jordan Myles Has "Quit" WWE

"I hate that company and everything they stand for," says NXT man.
By Benjamin Richardson

8 Lessons WWE Could Learn From The MCU Community

Engaging action. Unbelievable characters. Proper stories. All things Marvel do that WWE fail at.…
By Lewis Wood Submit Your Content

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Vince Russo's Career? Community

If you're a fan of obscure trivia, and things on a pole match, than this is the quiz for you, bro!…
By Robert Vaccaro Submit Your Content

The Disturbing Truth Behind A CM Punk In-Ring Return

“You want it to be one way…”
By Michael Sidgwick

4 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night’s WWE Backstage (Nov 13)

It's analysin' time!
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Lamest WWE Returns

Starring Rusev, The Ultimate Warrior, CM Punk, and more...
By Andrew Murray

WWE's Mustafa Ali Just Got His First Name Back

Welcome back, Mustafa.
By Andrew Murray

10 Awesome Wrestlers WWE Totally Slept On

Your loss, Vince.
By Jack Pooley

The Real Reason Aleister Black Isn't Wrestling In WWE At The Moment

Black STILL wants someone to "pick a fight" with him.
By Andrew Murray

Report: Stardom Want To Re-Sign WWE's Kairi Sane & Io Shirai

Stardom's new owners eyeing big moves when Sane & Shirai's contracts expire.
By Andrew Murray

10 Wrestling Gimmicks Handed Down To Other Wrestlers

The legion of don't.
By Jamie Kennedy

Why CM Punk Just Returned To WWE

Just when we thought we had all the questions, he changes the culture...
By WhatCulture

AEW To Reset Win/Loss Records In January 2020?

Nick Jackson claims a big AEW reboot is on the way in January.
By Andrew Murray

CM Punk Joins WWE Backstage

All the details on CM Punk's WWE return and how it came about.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Edits Out MAJOR Seth Rollins Boos On Raw

'The Beastslayer' wasn't a popular man in Manchester.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Raw Draws Lowest Rating Of 2019

Another dismal ratings low for WWE's former flagship show.
By Andrew Murray

The Miz & Paige Sign New Long-Term WWE Contracts

'The A-Lister' and 'Anti-Diva' have pledged their futures to the company.
By Andrew Murray

Johnny Gargano OUT Of NXT TakeOver: WarGames With Neck Injury

The much-anticipated Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor match is OFF.
By Andrew Murray

Cesaro Dismisses Talk Of WWE NXT Return

'The Swiss Superman' wants to prove he can succeed on WWE's main roster.
By Andrew Murray

10 Things WWE Doesn't Want You To Know About AEW

"NXT is already the alternative..."
By Michael Sidgwick