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10 Greatest World Title Changes That Didn't Take Place On PPV

Just because it isn't on PPV doesn't mean it isn't going to be historic.
By Martyn Grant

10 Things That Need To Happen In WWE Before 2018

Just get on with it!
By Matt Dagnall

10 Dumbest Wrestling Name Changes

A rose by these names smells like sh*t.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Things WWE Must Do At Starrcade 2017

Take us back to the good old days...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Times WWE Totally Fooled The IWC

Sometimes, even wrestling's "smartest" fans get worked.
By Andrew Murray
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WWE 2K18 Trailer: 45 Screenshots You Need To See

Graps gaming just got a lot prettier.
By Simon Gallagher

10 Amazing WCW Starrcade Moments WWE Should Take Inspiration From

Ancient History
By Michael Hamflett

3 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Sept 19)

Just when you thought Jinder Mahal couldn't get any worse...
By Andrew Murray

Bobby Heenan's Cause Of Death Revealed

It's what we (and his family) feared for years...
By Jamie Kennedy

Updated WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Card

WWE added a new title match to the line up on SmackDown...
By Jamie Kennedy

ROH Tournament Taking Place On The Chris Jericho Cruise

WWE Hall Of Famers and ROH jump on board...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Exact Moments Great Wrestlers Jumped The Shark

Fingerpokes, handshakes, and literal burials.
By Andrew Murray

9 Things That Must Happen At WWE No Mercy 2017

A WrestleMania-worthy show must have an equally spectacular ending.
By John Bills

10 Stories From Bobby Heenan's One-of-a-Kind Career

RIP 'Brain'.
By David Cambridge

10 Things WWE Are Seriously Neglecting In 2017

Missed opportunities, squandered ideas, and wasted assets - welcome to WWE in 2017.
By Martyn Grant

10 WWE PPVs John Cena Main-Evented (But Shouldn't Have)

Big Match John has had some matches that WWE thought were bigger than they actually were.
By Jake Roberts

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10 Times "Best For Business" WWE Decisions Sucked

If you don't like it, learn to love it.
By David Cambridge

10 Surprise WWE Returns That Immediately Transformed Title Matches

Card Subject To Change
By Michael Hamflett

10 Wrestlers Who Are Entertaining Us Most Right Now

Putting the E in WWE.
By David Cambridge

Michael Hayes Invites Cody Rhodes To WWE Starrcade

Could Cody be on the comeback trail for one night only?
By Jamie Kennedy

What Happened After Last Night's WWE Raw Went Off The Air (18 September)

A huge Street Fight in San Jose.
By Andrew Murray

Paige Teases WWE Return After Returning To The Performance Center

Is the former Divas Champion's lengthy absence about to end?
By Andrew Murray

Updated WWE No Mercy 2017 Card After Last Night's Raw

Two big additions bring the Raw-branded line-up closer to completion.
By Andrew Murray

Goldust Wrestles As Dustin Rhodes On WWE Raw

A new direction for the former Intercontinental Champion?
By Andrew Murray
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WWE 2K18: Stunning First Gameplay Trailer Says "Be Like No-One"

Those are some mighty pretty wrestlers.
By Simon Gallagher

10 Most Influential British Wrestlers Ever (According To An American)

Who knows British wrestling better than an American? Also, spoiler Alert: Lord Alfred Hayes is #1.…
By Glenn Dallas

7 Reasons Asuka Should Be Moving To WWE SmackDown Live

Asuka is heading to the main roster, but she is going to the wrong show.
By John Bills

Starrcade Set To Return Under WWE Banner

It's not as exciting as it sounds.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Reasons Why Bobby Heenan Was The Best All-Rounder In WWE History

'Win if you can. Lose if you must. But always cheat.'
By Michael Hamflett

Wrestling World Reacts To The Death Of Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, and more react to the WWE Hall of Famer's passing.
By Andrew Murray