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The Hardest WWF Attitude Era Quiz You'll Ever Take!

How well do you remember the good old days?
By Adam Wilbourn

How Vince McMahon Destroyed Typecasting In WWE

The Fundamentals Of Caring
By Michael Hamflett

4 Ups & 2 Downs From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Sep 20)

Action-packed matches galore.
By Adam Morrison

Can You Make Sense Of Our INSANE International WWE Quiz?

Booking Shawn Michaels in SAUDI ARABIA isn’t the craziest WWE international incident.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 21)

Most important meal of the day, brother!
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Wrestlers Who Stopped Trying (But WWE Pushed Anyway)

Showing no ass in half-assed performances.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Best Wrestlers Who Were Never WWE Champion

The reverse midas touch
By Michael Hamflett

5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Sept 21)

Mummies in the desert.
By Michael Sidgwick

Vince McMahon Impressed With Lio Rush?

So THAT explains the cruiserweight's sudden promotion...
By Andrew Murray

SPOILER On Shawn Michaels Wrestling For WWE Again

When will we see HBK next?
By Andrew Murray

16 Wrestlers Who Must Feature In WWE's Crown Jewel World Cup

Crown Jewel’s Rimet will be gleaming.
By WhatCulture

Defiant Wrestling's Weekly Show Loaded Returning To YouTube

Tickets are on sale now to be there live on 3 December...
By WhatCulture

5 Ups And 2 Downs From Last Night's WWE Mae Young Classic (Sept 20)

Solid wrestling and the return of Kaitlyn to WWE ring.
By Scott Carlson
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WWE 2K19 MyCareer Trailer Released

The main single-player story mode looks anything but dull this year...
By Jamie Kennedy

PROGRESS Wrestling To Run Future WWE UK Shows?

RIP "punk rock pro wrestling."
By Andrew Murray

10 Best Backstage WWE Stories From Bruce Prichard's Podcast

Backstage WWE stories that will either make you belly laugh or curl your toes...
By Jamie Kennedy

Alexa Bliss Suffering From Numbness In Left Arm

Worrying times for WWE's self-proclaimed 'Goddess'
By Andrew Murray

10 Dumbest Ways WWE Wrestlers Killed Their Push

Tip: aim gun away from foot.
By David Cambridge

WWE Quiz: Hulk Hogan - How Much Do You Know About The Hulkster?

Whatcha gonna do, when Quizamania runs wild on you?
By Adam Wilbourn

10 Best Matt Hardy Matches

By Michael Hamflett

Bobby Lashley "Pissed Off" With WWE Management?

Here's how badly Lashley wanted that Brock Lesnar feud...
By Andrew Murray

Rey Mysterio Signs WWE Deal

Lucha legend puts pen to paper at long last.
By Benjamin Richardson
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2K Announce Full DLC Details For WWE 2K19

Rising Stars, Titans and new moves headline 2K19's DLC offerings this year...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Incredible Stories Behind Famous Wrestling Themes

Hulk Hogan nearly wasn't a 'Real American'.
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Hold Secret Meeting With Impact Wrestling

WWE and Impact Wrestling working together?
By WhatCulture

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018: 25 Stars Who Didn't Even Appear

Talk about a bloated roster...
By Adam Clery

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know Braun Strowman?

Time to seperate the monsters from the men from the boys.
By Scott Banner

7 Ups And 7 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (September 17th)

When in doubt, just throw more run-ins at the main event.
By Scott Carlson

7 Non-WWE Projects That Do WWE BETTER Than WWE

The Outsiders
By Michael Hamflett

15 Off Air WWE Moments You Weren't Supposed To See

New DX, Vince making a fool of himself and 'Taker somehow keeping a straight face...
By Jamie Kennedy