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10 Lowest Rated WWE Matches Of All Time (According To Dave Meltzer)

Are these the worst matches in WWE history? Judge for yourself...
By Andrew Murray

Predicting WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Match (6 Months In Advance)

Thirty men. Six months. Zero accuracy.
By Duncan Forbes

10 Weakest WWE Return Pops Ever

Spare a thought for poor old Brian Christopher...
By Andrew Murray

10 Best Fatal 4-Ways In WWE History

Because four is 100% better than two.
By David Cambridge

Ranking Every WWE PPVs From 2017 (So Far)

Was Battleground really the worst PPV of the year so far, or is it OK compared to the rest of 2017?…
By Jake Roberts

10 Worst Moments In WWE Battleground History

It might be time to do away with Battleground if these moments are any indication.
By Graham GSM Matthews

7 Wrestlers WWE Released Who Deserve Another Run

Maybe it's time for their comeback now, Vince.
By Joel Harvey

10 Wrestlers You Can’t Believe WWE Ruined

The Midas Swerve.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Wrestlers Who Will Never Hold The World Title Again

Being the champion of an entire planet even once is pretty good.
By David Cambridge

10 Wrestling Legal Battles That Turned Ugly

Breach Of The Peace.
By Michael Hamflett

12 Best "Big" Men In Wrestling

Proof that, if you want to make it big, it helps to make yourself "big".
By Glenn Dallas

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For How Long Can WWE Be This Bad?

Will the hardcores ever soften their stance?
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About SummerSlam

You woudn't mind losing to Hogan, would you?
By David Cambridge

10 Ways WWE Screwed Up At Battleground 2017

The worst PPV since December To Dismember? You be the judge.
By Andrew Murray

10 Best Ever Shawn Michaels Matches

Cut down from a shortlist of 200 matches.
By David Cambridge

WWE Battleground 2017: 8 Things WWE Got Right

All hail The Maharaja and his giant friend...
By Jamie Kennedy

11 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Great Khali

Perhaps he had an annulment?
By Benjamin Richardson

6 New WWE Directions After Battleground 2017

Xenophobia will run wild at SummerSlam...
By Jamie Kennedy

11 Reasons WWE Battleground 2017 Was Absolutely Terrible

WWE just put on the worst pay-per-view of 2017.
By John Bills

8 WWE PPVs The Undertaker Main-Evented (That He Shouldn't Have)

The Phenom's super-show 'dead-liners'.
By Jake Roberts