10 Actors Who Should Play Carnage In The Venom Spin-Off Movie

Who do you want to see take on Tom Hardy?


Somewhat lost among the enthusiastic critical reception to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the character's seamless entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the news that Sony are still planning on developing a series of movies set in the Spider-Man universe.

In true Sony fashion, they remain undeterred by the fact that they can't actually feature Spider-Man in any of their movies. Why? Because any appearance of Spidey instantly makes the Sony movies canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which Marvel Studios don't want), which is not to be confused with Sony's Marvel Universe, which is the continuity of all of the spin-offs. Confusing, right?

Last month, the recently-revived Venom suddenly became interesting again when Tom Hardy signed on star along with rumors of an R-rating. Even more exciting was the news that fan favorite Carnage was set to be the villain, fulfilling the dreams of comic book fans across the world who had been wanting to see the character on the big screen for years.

An absolute homicidal maniac and complete and utter b*stard, Cletus Kasady is a character that could easily fall into pantomime villain material in the wrong hands.

As a brand new entity to most casual audiences, the cinematic debut of Carnage requires an actor capable of making it a memorable one that they won't forget anytime soon, which not everyone can pull off...


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