10 More Film Secrets That Were Hiding In Plain Sight

These sneaky movie secrets were staring right at you.

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A great movie doesn't need to be densely-packed with incredible secret details, but it's almost never made a movie worse, right?

It's always great fun to revisit a film and stumble across secrets you've never noticed before, from deftly hidden Easter eggs to low-key character and plot developments. And courtesy of communities like /r/MovieDetails, movie fans can now easily share their findings with other film lovers around the world.

It's clear that there are so, so many sneaky secrets out there simply waiting to be uncovered, and in recent times these are 10 of the most impressively sly which have been caught by enterprising viewers and consequently blown everybody's damn minds.

Unless you're extremely observant you almost certainly missed these secret details which lend added clarity, context, and even entertainment value to these films, while also serving as a testament to the absurd attention-to-detail on the part of the filmmakers.

You'll never be able to watch these scenes the same way again, but thankfully in each case it's most certainly for the better, and will give you something fun to point out to your friends during your next group viewing...

10. It's Set In 1962 - The Incredibles

Friday film

No matter how many times you've seen The Incredibles, have you ever stopped to think about its time period?

Pixar's classic superhero animation adopts a retro-futuristic aesthetic which makes its precise year tricky to pin down, featuring a mix of technology both decades old and brand new in its release year of 2004.

While most likely assumed the film itself also took place in that year, its true setting is actually revealed early on, when we see Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) reading a newspaper at home after a long day at the office. Look closely and the date can be made out - May 16th, 1962.

Brad Bird has since stated that he modelled the film's visual style off what people in the 1960s thought the future would look like, hence the collision of period and contemporary tech.

Furthermore, given that the movie's prologue - where "supers" are outlawed - takes place 15 years prior to the rest of the story, we can deduce that the film kicks off all the way back in 1947. Fancy that.

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