10 Best Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

The best moments from the definitive interpretation of The Dark Knight.

Batman Tas1

Superheroes and animation go together like… well, Batman and Robin.

Surely the finest example of cartoon capers is the 1990s incarnation of Batman: The Animated Series. With Kevin Conroy providing the definitive voice of the caped crusader, Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski’s noir-ish vision provided Batman fans with the treatment of their hero that they had longed for, capturing the essence of the original comic books.

Gritty, grown-up storylines were met with a colour palette and aesthetic that had never really been seen before. Demonstrating a deep and genuine understanding of the DC universe, Batman: The Animated Series would introduce minor villains to a whole new audience and show that kids’ cartoons could have complicated plotting and adopt witty dialogue and complex characterisation that didn’t patronise younger viewers.

Accessible to both newcomers to Gotham and fanboys alike, the series remains to this day a high watermark in animation.

Here’s our pick of the ten best episodes…


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