10 DC Characters Who NEED Their Own Movie

9. Static

DC Comics/John Paul Leon

Static would certainly be an out there choice for DC to give a solo flick to. At this stage though, after Aquaman and Shazam! restored a bit of faith in the shared universe, perhaps the risky road is the best one to take.

Marvel’s behaviour will crop up a lot here, because with the Justice League movie it’s clear that DC are aiming for a similar trajectory to the MCU. After Endgame’s ever climbing box office numbers, who can blame them.

Static would be akin to Marvel pumping for Guardians Of The Galaxy back in 2014 when they still had much more established comic book names to introduce. This made for a much more relaxed movie, where the cast and director were clearly having the time of their lives.

The character had moderate success TV show Static Shock, back in the early to mid ‘00s. It never quite reached the audience of the more famous heroes Saturday morning cartoons, and Static failed to become a breakout star.

However, if the movie strikes a similarly colourful tone with perhaps a more mature storyline, it could capture the nostalgic fans as well as bringing Static to a wider audience.


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