10 Hulk Movie Fights We'd Love To See

10. Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios

Currently watching over the universe waiting for an invite to the party, Marvel's newest addition to the roster has yet to even meet the Hulk or alter ego Bruce Banner. But, as one of the most notable and important personalities to be introduced during Phase Three, it's surely only a matter of time.

While magic versus big green fists hardly seems like the most obvious match-up, there's a precedent for it in the comic books: most notably during World War Hulk, in which a raging Hulk (even more so than usual) wreaks violent vengeance upon the pesky big brains who banished him in the first place. Unfortunately for the good Doctor, the ensuing battle really didn't go his way, ending up with a pulverised face for his trouble.

While a movie battle would no doubt be more evenly matched, it would be no less entertaining and, well, who hasn't wanted to see Benedict Cumberbatch get himself slapped around by the Incredible Hulk? No? Just me?

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