10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Batman You Won't Believe Exist

Think you know Batman? Think again...

10. Nazi Batman


Quite possibly one of the most obscure Batman incarnations of all time is Leatherwing. On Earth 10, the Nazis won WWII and decided to take over the world with Adolf Hitler as its Fuhrer. In this world the JLA exists as the JL-Axis, a force put together to protect Hitler himself and the Nazi Party. If you thought thought the idea of having a Nazi Batman was bad enough, it turns out that he is a total sleazeball as well. In a now rather famous moment, Leatherwing says that he got so excited about watch the alien Forerunner beat the living snot out of someone, he would be willing to put aside his prejudices for 'interracial relationships' to have dinner with her. Classy Nazi Batman, Classy.
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