10 Reasons Why Batman Beyond Was The Best DC Animated Series

Sorry Batman: The Animated Series, this futuristic Dark Knight is So Schway.

Batman Beyond
Warner Bros.

DC may not always have the best luck when it comes to making movies, but when it comes to there lineup animated titles, some would argue they are the best of the best. From the Super Friends all the way to the latest season of Young Justice, there is no shortage of animated DC classics for any type of fan to enjoy.

Of all these iconic cartoons, arguably the most popular would be the ones starring the Dark Knight himself. The caped crusader of Gotham's films are regarded as some of the best out there and so are his endeavors in animation.

While Batman: The Animated Series is one of the greatest things mankind has ever created, Batman Beyond is the best-animated series DC has ever produced. The dark gritty world of Batman being thrown into the popular cyberpunk sub-genre of science fiction resulted in a truly unique and game-changing experience for fans everywhere once they got home from school.

With the announcement that Warner Brothers has a brand new Batman Beyond animated movie in development, it is a good time to look back at all the reasons that made the original series superior to the rest.

10. The Ultimate Batsuit

Batman Beyond
Warner Bros. Animation

The Batsuit has always been an iconic part of the character and contained a ton of gadgets that gave the Dark Knight the edge in a fight with some of Gotham's finest criminals. Over time it continually saw improvements both in style and functionality. But of all of Batman's battle fatigues, Terry McGinnis' is simply the best.

In Batman Beyond, McGinnis's futuristic attire has some truly amazing enhancements. These upgrades include the ability of flight, a cloaking device, retractable gliding wings, claws, and a Batarang dispenser. It also contains microphones in the fingertips allowing the hero to eavesdrop from a safe distance.

The sleek design drops the black and grey color scheme in favor of an all-black design centered by a red bat symbol signifying the changing of the guard. Its minimalistic design made it able to hold a ton of gadgets. This thing basically worked as a giant utility belt housing explosives, lasers, scanners, grappling guns, smoke pellets, bolas, and even a futuristic Geiger counter.

This wardrobe switch gave Batman enhanced strength, X-ray vision, and resistance to all the elements. If the original Batman was a one-man army then this suit put him at Meta-Human status.


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