10 Spider-Man Villains Sony Should Keep (& 10 They Should Lend To The MCU)

20. GIVE UP: Puma


A one-time villain who changed his colors after developing respect for Spider-Man, this Native American character could bring some much-needed diversity into the MCU world.

A mercenary, CEO, and extensively trained martial artist, Thomas Fireheart can transform himself into the mountain lion-humanoid Puma at will. Years of genetic engineering, training, and practice of the mystical arts lends him an array of super-powers.

Sony has no reason to sideline a more bankable character in favor of Puma. The MCU, however, has a variety of ways to easily inject Puma into the mix.

Pitting him against Black Panther is too obvious. With an origin in New Mexico, it would be interesting to see how Puma and his people react to the devastation that Thor and The Destroyer left behind in Thor.

He might have a bone to pick with the Avengers and take his anger out on the first one he can find — Spider-Man.

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