10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined Batman For Everyone

Just how close did we come to Batman being forgotten?

Camp Batman Adam West
Warner Bros.

Over the years, Batman has been trapped in some pretty abusive relationships: the 1966 TV show turned him into a camp clown, writers throughout his history have turned him into a joke, and Joel Schumacher slapped on some nipples and put him in the middle of a garish, nightmarish pantomime.

And yet, the Bat endures. He has the kind of enduring longevity that most characters can only dream of, and while that is undoubtedly a positive thing for the lasting legacy of the character (meaning he can bounce back from even the worst creative crimes,) that also represents a safety net for writers and directors with crazy ideas, and means they feel safer messing with the winning formula.

If some of the mistakes made in Batman's name on this list had been allowed to fully play out, without remedy or logical intervention, the unthinkably might have happened. Batman might have been ruined as a property, or worse, killed entirely. So take these mistakes as a warning, and make sure you look after your Batman.

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