10 Things Every MCU Fan Needs To Know About Moon Knight

Everything you need to know about the champion of Khonshu before his debut on Disney+

Marvel Comics

For the first time in a long time, it isn't Marvel's big screen offerings that fans are most excited for, but rather their TV shows. Disney+ will soon be upon us, and with it a selection of programs set in the MCU that promise to impact the franchise in a big way. One of the most exciting shows coming is Moon Knight, based on the Doug Moench, Don Perlin comic.

This obscure Marvel character has been consistently kicking around ever since his first appearance in the pages of Werewolf By Night back in 1975. Though never being as famous as his other New York dwelling superheroes, he's more than made a name for himself for those who know about him.

Most just call him the Batman of Marvel, but while there are similarities, that isn't a complete picture of the champion of Khonshu.

Moon Knight is one of Marvel's most fascinating characters, whether he's being written as the swashbuckling mysterious vigilante, or the tragic, most likely insane tortured soul. Whichever direction his MCU counterpart goes, these are the most important details you need to remember about the son of Khonshu before heading into his big Disney+ debut.


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