20 Best DC Comics Superhero Costumes

DC have some iconic costumes under their utility belt, but which are the best?

DC Comics

Over the many years that DC has been publishing comics, the company has been home to numerous iconic superhero costumes, the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman providing outfits which have later become the basis for countless other looks seen across the comic book industry.

Superman's costume in particular is one which has become a staple of the superhero genre, acting as inspiration for practically every other male hero that has originated within the panels of a comic.

Though, while the Trinity's looks may now be staples of pop culture, the visual nature of this subject means that the makings of a good costume will obviously differ from person to person. Be that as it may, there's no denying that DC boasts some of the most stunning superhero designs in the medium, and that heroes both prominent and otherwise have all benefited from some great super-suits.

Before we get started, there are some rules: first, the costumes must have originated in the comics (so Harley Quinn's BTAS costume is out) and the characters must have originated at DC to begin with (that means no Charlton Comics characters, and no Fawcett Comics characters).


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