20 Marvel Characters And Their WWE Soulmates

The similarities are uncanny. Brock Smash!

Brock Hulk Lesnar

Comic books and professional wrestling have so many similarities that they're hard to count.

They're both incredibly popular, but often looked down upon by society at large, who regard their diehard fans with the sort of scorn usually reserved for sexually-aggressive insects.

They're both dominated by unconvincing specimens of physical perfection taking themes of love, ambition, betrayal, and revenge, and distilling them down into the simply image of big things punching other big things.

The storylines of both tend to be convoluted, yet also simplistic, and full of tiresome cliches. But when they work, they fill the hearts of their fans with love, pure damned LOVE.

The preposterous Marvel Universe and the preposterous WWE Universe go together beautifully, and once you start to really look at the colourful characters of both, you start to realise that even the main players bear striking similarities.

Describe a character from one, and you find yourself describing the character from another.

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