6 Times Arrow Improved Green Arrow Mythology (& 4 Times It Failed)

As Arrow draws to a close, here's how the series has impacted the DC Comics favourite.

Arrow Season One
The CW

As of this writing, there are just three episodes of Arrow left before the show calls it a day.

Across eight seasons, the Stephen Amell-starrer has generated a huge fan base and impressed many a naysayer who thought that nobody would care about a Green Arrow TV series. After all, this wasn’t Batman, this wasn’t Superman, this wasn’t Wonder Woman, this wasn’t The Flash, this wasn’t… you get the idea.

Despite all of the fans that Green Arrow now has as a result of Arrow, the initial buzz around the show was largely flat as the majority of the series’ potential audience had no real interest in the Emerald Archer. But boy, how that changed as the show progressed – particularly from Season 2 onwards.

Like all such series, of course, Arrow hasn’t been a complete homerun. For the most part, it’s certainly been a brilliant genre show, yet there have still been a few issues and niggles along the way.

Spotlighting that here, then, here are six ways that Arrow has improved the mythology of the Green Arrow… and four ways that the series has had a negative effect on the Master Bowman.

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