7 Great Batman Villains (Still Yet To Appear In A Film)

11 Batman films and 2 spin-offs and still no sign of Clayface?!

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Batman undoubtedly has the best rogues gallery in all of comics and no other superhero, with the possible exception of Spider-Man, has such a deep catalogue of great villainous characters to pull from. From the physical threat of Bane and the intellectual prowess of the Riddler to the psychological nightmare of Scarecrow and the anarchic chaos of The Joker, all bases are covered.

Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, will be the ninth live action solo outing for the character, who has also co-starred with Superman and appeared in two DC ensemble movies (Justice League and Suicide Squad) in recent years.

As a result of this ubiquity on the big screen, the vast majority of Batman’s most iconic adversaries have made their film debuts – Reeves’ adaptation will make use of villains previously used in Burton/Schumacher era rather than previously unseen ones.

This, combined with the fact that the likes of Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey have drawn hugely from the secondary ranks of Batman antagonists (making use of the likes of Deadshot, Black Mask, Mr. Zsasz and Killer Croc), would indicate that the source of villains for use in the future is running thin, but this couldn’t be further from the case.

Here are seven brilliant characters (or groups) that have not matched wits and fists with the Caped Crusader outside of comics or other media (such as animated films or the incredible Arkham series of games) yet.

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