7 Movies That Stole Their Plot From Comic Books

And they say originality is dead.


If the recent, indomitable rise of the superhero movie is proof of anything it’s that comic books are fertile grounds for movie adaptation. Not to mention pretty profitable too if the whopping $2 billion Infinity War took at the box office this year is anything to go by.

But while there’s no doubting the origins of films like Infinity War and Black Panther, other movies aren’t so upfront about their comic book inspirations. In fact, for years filmmakers have been mining the world of comic books for plot ideas without being very forthcoming about the fact they essentially pilfered their premises from a pre-existing source.

From a cynical point of view, it makes perfect sense. As film is one of the more popular mediums of entertainment, we’re far more likely to see a movie than we are to read a comic book – especially one of the lesser known titles. That means there’s a tonne of untapped content out there that filmmakers can ‘borrow’ from and insert into their movies without many of us even noticing that their film might not be a wholly original product.

Not that that’s really surprising in the film industry – they say that in Hollywood, originality died some time back in the 1990s. Still, it’s kind of sneaky of filmmakers not to give credit where credit is due especially when it’s indebted to such a relatively underappreciated medium as comic books.

So, let’s expose the movies and their makers who totally ripped off their plots from comic books. Shame on you, guys, shame on you.

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