8 Amazing Comic Book Storylines Completely Ruined By Superhero Movies

Great moments which could and should have been so much better.

Despite having literally decades worth of material to choose from, it's rare for comic book movies to adapt a specific storyline from the source material. Perhaps filmmakers just aren't interested in pulling a Watchmen and recreating a story which has already been told, and now even the movies which share a name with the comics - Captain America: The Winter Soldier for example - are rarely all that faithful. However, some have tried to adapt at least elements of certain beloved stories, but it's sadly hard to think of more than a handful of examples where these amazing arcs weren't completely f**ked up in the process. Pretty much every major studio is guilty of this (that's right, not even Marvel Studios are perfect), and these are the eight best examples of the worst things Hollywood has done with the storylines you love. Some have obviously attempted to be a little more faithful than others, but regardless of whether they've only borrowed characters or specific plot points, all of these movies have failed to do the stories they're based on justice.

8. The Coming Of Galactus

I could probably just write, "They made him a f***ing cloud!" here and leave it at that, but let's take a closer look at how badly Fox messed up one of Stan Lee's greatest tales. While the right elements were here (the Silver Surfer arriving on Earth to warn the Fantastic Four of the impending arrival of the world eating behemoth for example), the execution by director Tim Story was appalling and it all ended up falling flat as a result. Rather than having the team defeat Galactus and send him packing, Rise Of The Silver Surfer went for a battle with Doctor Doom, a Super Skrull knock off, and Silver Surfer being the one to take his master down. Well, I say "master", but this movie completely dropped the ball on Galactus' relationship with the Silver Surfer when it made him a cloud. Yes, by far the biggest blunder here was making this iconic bad guy... space dust.

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