8 Exciting Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Need To Know About (That Aren’t Marvel Or DC)

Goofy Jim Carrey might finally be returning in a comic book movie...

Universal Pictures/IDW Publishing

With the enormous success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the heightened interest in superhero properties that caused, it was inevitable that any company in possession of a comic-book IP would look to get into the movie business.

With oddball characters like Venom and Deadpool getting their own big-budget movies, and previously B and C-list heroes like Iron Man and Captain America making billions of dollars with ease, we live in a time where virtually any comic-book universe - if handled correctly - can prove a lucrative investment for the studio, and a great time at the movies for us fans.

We've got Aquaman and Into The Spider-Verse soon, with Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 and Dark Phoenix arriving next year, but these mainstream efforts are just the tip of the iceberg considering the large amount of lesser-known comic adaptations lurking on the movie release calendar.

There's no guarantee that these movies will be any good, and some may not even make it through development. But on the surface, they each have incredible potential, and these eight adaptations should definitely be on your radar.


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