8 Scenes We Definitely Won't See In James Wan's Aquaman

These comics should remain at the bottom of the ocean.

DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Aquaman has a chequered history in pop culture, which is hardly surprising for a superhero whose main powers are talking to fish and strong swimming.

His tenure with the Super Friends and that Family Guy episode did nothing for his reputation, but anyone who thinks Arthur Curry is little more than a damp squib and a figure of ridicule simply hasn't read the right comics.

DC writers gave the Marine Marvel a badass makeover in the 1990s and he's been kicking ass across the seven seas ever since, establishing himself as the one true king of Atlantis and an integral member of the Justice League.

Warner Bros' DC movie series has taken its cues from this interpretation of the character, casting Jason Momoa as a hardcore aquatic hero. Along with talking to fish, his powers in Justice League include heightened sex appeal, riding Parademons like surfboards, and taking punches from Superman and Steppenwolf like a pro.

Next up for Momoa's Aquaman is a solo outing in December next year, directed by James Wan. There are a number of great comic arcs the movie could draw inspiration from, but others it shouldn't touch with a 20-foot trident...

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