Arrow Or The Flash Quiz: Who Said It?

Are these memorable quotes from Stephen Amell's Emerald Archer or Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster?

The CW

With the shared Arrowverse realm, The CW and DC Entertainment have crafted quite the impressive world of heroes and villains.

Arrow, the show that launched this whole universe back in 2012, is sadly coming to an end later this year, but Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen has left quite the mark on the landscape of genre television. In fact, so fantastic has Amell been, it’s going to be near-impossible for anyone else to ever play the Emerald Archer down the line.

Likewise, Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster has wowed audiences over in the Central City corner of the Arrowverse. As The Flash, Gustin has served up speedy justice to some of DC Comics’ most nefarious of villains.

Both Green Arrow and The Flash have never shied way from spouting plentiful memorable lines throughout their respective Arrowverse runs, and that’s the topic that we’re looking to test your knowledge on here.

Ahead of you are some quotes pulled directly from either Arrow or The Flash. All you have to tell us, is whether each quote was said by Amell’s Master Bowman or Gustin’s Sultan of Speed.

1. "You’ve Always Seen The Best In Me Because You’ve Always Been The Best Of Me."


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