Avengers: Endgame - 11 New Heroes It Could Introduce

11. Kate Bishop... Kind Of

Hawkeye Kate Bishop
Marvel Comics

Rumours have persisted for a while now that Kate Bishop could be destined for an appearance in the MCU, and while they are still unconfirmed, Endgame dropped its biggest hint yet that Hawkeye is looking for a successor in that last trailer.

Just after the flashbacks to Iron Man, The First Avenger, Thor and Infinity War, we're treated to a brief shot of Clint Barton watching over a young girl practicing her archery skills. This isn't the same farm that the Barton family is based, but instead a public park. It's also unclear as to who it is he's training, but the most likely figure is that of Lila Barton, Clint's oldest daughter who audiences last saw in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Judging from Barton's haircut, as well as the following narration and the way the trailer has been cut, this scene takes place before Thanos' decimation. It is likely that Clint's entire family were killed during Infinity War, which leads Barton to take on the identity of Ronin and come out of retirement.

Avengers Endgame Trailer
Marvel Studios

Either way, the fact he's passing on his skills to a new generation is very telling. Whether it's Lila, Kate or a whole new character, audiences can expect Marvel to base the dynamic between Clint and this potential new Hawkeye on the one shared by the character and Kate Bishop, who has shared the Hawkeye identity for just over a decade now.

Again, Endgame is just as much about closing the book on Marvel's older generation as it is ushering in a new one, and with rumours that a Hawkeye TV show could be in the works, bringing in Kate - or even Lila as a Kate-esque figure - would be the perfect move.

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