Batwoman: Everything You Need To Know

Who's Kate Kane, you ask? The best Bat in Gotham.

Batwoman Cover
DC Comics

With Ruby Rose now playing Batwoman on the small screen in her very own show on The CW, it's likely that there are quite a few DC fans out there desperate to find out more about the character, and what her introduction to the Arrowverse bodes for the franchise going forward.

For those who are yet to encounter the hero in any setting, you're in an enviable position. Kate Kane's introduction in 2006's 52 remains the single-most important one DC have made this side of 2000, with the character having starred in some of the most fascinating, innovative, and compelling Batman stories of the last decade.

Kate’s a fighter, a hero in the truest sense, and one whose dealt with her fair share of foes over the years - most boasting a surprising supernatural focus.

Diving into that world for the first time is a wonderful position to be in, and with the show set to spark new interest in the character, now's as good a time as any to provide the lowdown on who Kate Kane is, her origins, and the first things to check it out if you can't get her upcoming show out of your head.

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