Do You Know The Real Names Of These Classic Daredevil Villains?

Kingpin? Sure. Bullseye? Probably. But how well do you know the rest of ol' Hornhead's rogues?

Bullseye Marvel
Marvel Comics

Since debuting way back in 1964, Daredevil has gone on to become a major favourite of many a comic book fan. The literal trials and tribulations of Matt Murdock have made for some of Marvel's greatest ever story arcs, with the deep Catholic traditions, the intense secrecy, the death of some of those closest to him, and the guilt of his dual persona being just a few of the elements that make the Guardian Devil such a fascinating character.

Of course, what is a good hero without a great villain? Now while Daredevil may not have quite as extensive a rogues gallery as a Spider-Man or a Batman, he's gone up against some truly brilliant opponents over the decades. And it's on these opponents that we're going to focus on for this quiz.

Up ahead, we've got a bunch of ol' Hornhead's greatest villains pulled straight from the pages of Marvel Comics. All you have to do is correctly identify said villain's real name. Sure, we may all know who the Kingpin really is - and as an easy start, we've included him as our first question - but knowing the rest of these rogues is a the test of a true Daredevil nut.

1. What Is Kingpin's Real Name?

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