Doctor Strange: 10 Villains Mads Mikkelsen Could Be Playing

Dormammu? Nightmare?

Marvel Studios

While Captain America: Civil War is rightfully holding a lot of fans’ attention right now, Marvel has already started getting people excited for Doctor Strange thanks to an excellent first trailer.

Much like the rest of the film, the villain of Doctor Strange has been shrouded in mystery. We know Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen is on board for the role, and his blend of gravitas and terror could be suitable to bring any number of characters to life.

The trailer provided but a brief look at him, wielding some sort of magic to manipulate reality in a psychedelic way, and turning a church into a kaleidoscope. In addition to this initial footage, producer Kevin Feige has described the villain as a sorcerer who has broken off into his own sect, believing that the Ancient One’s magical teachings are a ruse to maintain her own power. 

Then there’s also the recent set photos to consider, which feature Mikkelsen sporting some impressive eye makeup, creating the look of his skin cracking, and seemingly revealing some demonic presence underneath.

With those facts in tow, we turn to Doctor Strange’s rogues gallery to speculate. Marvel has used everything from A-listers to nobodies for their films and barring a few standouts, Doctor Strange’s villains are largely unheard of and bizarre. As it stands, it’s unclear if Mikkelsen is simply a human host to a greater presence or the outer shell of a corporeal demon on Earth.

Whether a re-imagined classic, or a Doctor Strange staple, there are plenty of options for who Mads Mikkelsen could be playing come November.


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